My service offer – To SELLERS :

The sale of property is an event of first importance. It is indeed, often the most important transaction of your life. It is about a transaction which sometimes takes place over several months and for which the numerous conditions must be realized. I know it!

I am committed to providing you with quality service by:

1.     giving you access to the biggest web sites of the country:, and and to the biggest real estate network in the world: ReMax.  Which translates to bigger visibility for your property thus increased chances to quickly sell your property;

2.     Describing the role of the listing real estate broker and the selling real broker, as well as the importance of the collaboration;

3.     Preparing a comparative market analysis in order to precisely determine de market value of your property and positioning it, on the actual market.  You will get to know the market, the number of days it takes to sale a house on average, the average price in your area, as well as additional statistics.  You will be able to estimate your chances to sell quickly;

4.     Developing an effective marketing strategy for your property in order to optimize the transaction your transaction;

5.     Making a HOME STAGING consultation free of charge to better show off your property and therefore, maximize your chances to sell quickly at the best price;

6.     Preparing a written estimate of your expenses and calculating the net proceeds from the sale of your property, per example: need to produce a land survey, loan penalty, etc;

7.     Supplying you the assurance that the visits, the follow-ups and the analyses will be effectively managed;

8.     giving you access to a professionals' complete network: land surveyors-land surveyors, notaries, accountants, lawyers, etc;

9.     Presenting all of the promises to purchase and providing you with negotiating assistance;

10.    Accompanying you through the whole process of sale’ transaction until the moment of the signature at the notary; that way all the legal aspects will be covered;

11.    Counting on me to collect all legal documents;

12.    By benefiting FREE OF CHARGE of the exclusive protection TRANQUILI-T exclusive to the ReMax network;

13.    Contacting you after the closing of the transaction to ensure you were satisfied with my services;

My objective: Sell your house in the best delays and at the best possible price!

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